Eagle One

Eagle 1 provides vital law enforcement and search and rescue capabilities throughout Connecticut and surrounding areas.

Hurricane Katrina Coverage

Post Katrina Recognition Ceremony

Post Katrina Recognition Ceremony


Wed. 28 Sept. Mission accomplished! Eagle 1 is coming home!
Mon. 26 Sept. Eagle 1 is back in New Orleans continuing relief missions.
Sun. 25 Sept. Storm Rita causing over 25mph winds w/40mph gusts & heavy rains grounds helo operations. Eagle 1 is deployed to Jennings, LA (just outside of Lake Charles) to a FEMA HQ.
Mon. 19 Sept. The main crew has returned, & relief crew is beginning 3rd rotation with Charlie Evans & Charles Priestley as PIC's & Det. SGT. Bob Hettrick of Meriden PD for a second tour as Co-pilot.  With the need still great, water & food distribution continues as well as government admin. missions.  To date, the UH-1H has flown over 75 hours. One of the missions accomplished by the main crew was to land atop the Tulane University Hospital & recover over 20 years of cancer research.  
Wed. 07 Sept. Main Crew (SGT Al Wilcoxson Chief Pilot Stfd. PD, Mr. Tom Miller Co-Pilot Ffld. Special Ofcr., OFC Paul Honafius Stfd. PD, & SGT Don Smith Ffld. PD) deployed to Baton Rouge, LA to relieve advance crew.
Mon. 05 Sept. Crew continues to fly missions inclusive of transporting Doctors & medical supplies.
Sun. 04 Sept. Crew's current missions are flying MRE's & water to stranded victims.
Friday. 2 Sept. pm the advance crew of Eagle 1 is operational and flying police missions out of KBTR, Baton Rouge, LA
Thur. 01 Sept. 22:21 Eagle 1 was reported on scene at Baton Rouge Metro Airport to fly needed missions at first light. 
Wed. 31 Aug. An Eagle 1 Advance crew was deployed at the request of FEMA on Wed. 31 Aug at 1700 to Baton Rouge, LA to assist with Search & Rescue and transportation of cargo for victims in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  

Fairfield police head to New Orleans

Andrew Brophy, Connecticut Post 9/2/05
Eagle One, the Fairfield police helicopter, arrived in Baton Rouge, La. Friday morning with a crew of three — Michael Kermode, a civilian pilot; Meriden Police Sgt. Bob Hettrick, a co-pilot; and Manchester Firefighter Eric Diaz, a rescue technician and the crew chief. Fairfield police Officer James Petrino, who is normally the pilot of the town's Army surplus helicopter, is serving in the war in Iraq, said Police Chief Joseph Sambrook. Sambrook said Eagle One's mission in Louisiana will be security support — guarding helicopters used to rescue survivors. It also can be used to evacuate survivors and transport supplies. The Federal Emergency Management Agency asked for Eagle One and will reimburse its expenses, Sambrook said. The copter's crew will be rotated every three to five days for however long it is needed. Its crews will operate under the command of the FBI and federal Drug Enforcement Administration. 

Michael Imbro, Chief of Stratford PD, Ray Baldwin, 1st Selectman, Chief Tom Kiely, & motorcycle officers Scott Thompson & Tom Richard,join Eagle 1 at Trumbull Day

Boat Fire

Eagle 1 was called out the evening of Memorial Day to investigate a boat crash and fire. The UH-1H emergency service SAR Police Helicopter is equipped with a 30 Million candlepower NightSun search light.  Pilots & crew scoured the area of the Sikorsky Bridge looking for survivors for 2 hours.  The hull and other parts of the boat were recovered.

Eagle 1 attends A & P School Open House

Police search for mystery plane in Easton

(Conn Post 3/05)Easton- The sighting of a low-flying plane that appeared to be headed for a crash near the Saugatuck Reservoir set off a massive manhunt that drew more than 60 police, helicopters and fixed winged aircraft from Connecticut and New York State. The search for the mystery plane began around noon when two local residents informed Easton police that they saw a small white plane with possible green markings flying "extremely low" over the Apple Orchard near Black Rock Turnpike/Route 58. "Then we got word from a New York [airport] tower that they were picking up a distress signal too," Solomon said. "The coordinates they had were for a signal that was emanating about 12 miles north to northwest of Bridgeport."

At that point, Solomon notified State Police and several surrounding departments including Fairfield, Redding, Monroe and Trumbull. Fairfield Police Chief Joseph Sambrook authorized Eagle 1, the departments
helicopter to search the area. The state police helicopter, Trooper 1, was unavailable. For nearly 12 hours, police searched. "We have no idea what it was," Solomom said. "It could have been something on a hikers jacket like a transponder emitting a signal. All we know is that it lasted for hours."

Fairfield Jewelry Murder

February 2005
Eagle 1 was instrumental in the case of the Fairfield Jewelry Murder in February 2005.Detectives were hot on the trail of the suspect in the case, and Eagle 1 was on hand & ready to assist. Pilots & police officers of the crew flew Fairfield Detectives, with evidence in hand, to Nassau County, NY to meet with Detectives investigating a similar incident on Long Island. The evidence and the investigators were then flown to the State Police Forensics Lab in Meriden, CT for immediate analysis. When the suspect was later found in Atlantic City and apprehended, Eagle 1 flew the detectives back to their home base. The suspect and his accomplices are being held in New York on robbery charges pending additional murder charges in Connecticut.

Eagle 1 holds Crew Chief Helo Familiarization Class

Eagle 1 attends Fairfield PD 75th Anniversary Ball.
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